Individual project
Working as Level Designer and programmer

Chinatown map is a Level Design of a fictional Chinatown at night, made on UE4 in my free time. In this Level, you play as a character going to Chinatown in order to buy medicinal herbs from an apothecary. However you are short of money and you have to find a way to obtain these herbs. To do that, I made several quests to help the player reach his goal.


This Level’s goal is to immerse the player in the mood of the town with as few elements as possible. So I focused my work on environmental narration and not on gameplay. I made pedestrian and car generator systems to bring life to the town. In addition to that, I made another system which prevents pedestrians from crossing the road when a car is nearby. 

Finally, I made several block meshs and 3D models (on 3DS Max) and I used Mixamo animations in order to make the map more alive and immersive. 


This project gave me the opportunity to improve my knowledge on UE4 thanks to the quest system, generator… but also to focus my work on the level atmosphere