About Me :

Hi, I’m Lug-Owein AMBROISE, I’m 22 years old and currently in master 2 of Game Design and Management at Supinfogame RUBIKA. During my studies I've had the opportunity to work in team of various sizes.


After my graduation, I want to work as Level Designer because I like to create levels able to sublimate the Game Design as well as atmospheres capable of amazed players.


General Culture :

  • History of ancient civilisations and the 20th century, as well, especially the 2 World Wars.

  • Space exploration.

  • Origin and evolution of the Universe.

Favorite Games :

  • Mass Effect Saga in particular Mass Effect 3 for the martial atmosphere, the huge universe and its narration in general.  

  • Civilization Saga for its rich civilopedia witch is a massive wealth of knowledge on civilisations, cities, people, monuments …

Judo :

  • 12 years of practice. Grade black Belt. Participation to national level competitions.

  • For me this sport is more like a way of life than a martial art, because we can apply its moral code for each moments of the daily life.


Movies :

  • Invictus by Clint Eastwood.

  • Star Wars and Tolkien’s Saga

  • War movies, like King’s Speech by Tom Hopper or Merry Christmas by Christian Carion.


Interests :

Resume :

English resume

French resume


Contact :


Merci ! Message envoyé.