Hi, welcome to my website. I am Lug-Owein AMBROISE, French, I'm 22 years old. I study for a Master degree in Game Design and Management at SupInfoGame Rubika France.

Currently, I am looking for an internship in Level Design or Game Design.



Team Project

Chinatown map is a Level Design of a fictional Chinatown at night, made on UE4 in my free time.


Individual Project

Personal project based on "Avatar the last airbender" universe and realized on Unreal Engine 4.


Team Project

Birthday Party is an Action/Puzzle game where you play a naughty kid, ruining other kids birthdays for his entertainment.


Team Project is a mobile game for casual players realized over an one week period of time with Unity in cooperation with Voodoo.


Team Project

Sushi Frendzy ! is a mobile game realized over an one week period of time with Unity in cooperation with Voodoo.

Sushi Frendzy.png


I worked at SunnySide Games as an intern in QA during the summer of 2019 on “Towaga Among Shadow”, available on Apple Arcade.


Team Project

Tamhoen is a flying game based on the perception of anthropomorphic birds and made on Unity.

Keyart-Aefen Fall.png

Team Project

Aefen Fall is a parkour game in a fictional London in 1915. The player plays a guardian-alchemist whose mission is to recover all the magical artifacts hidden in the city. Hunted on rooftops, he is forced to use the power of artifacts to escape.


Individual Project

Level design on Unreal Tournament.

1er de couvtest2.png

Team Project

Leading Light is a Sci-Fi Zelda Like make with Game Maker Studio.