Towaga Among Shadow

Working as a QA Tester

I worked at SunnySide Games as an intern in QA during the summer of 2019 on “Towaga Among Shadow”, available on Apple Arcade. 


During this internship, my job was to ensure weekly build quality and stability. To do that, I had to :

  • Set up QA documents containing all game data for testing (Price, Unlockables, Outfits, Spells…) and update them all during the course of my internship.

  • Test all weekly builds and report all bugs on Trello. Each bug had to contain enough information to be easily understood (What should happen, What’s happened, How to reproduce, Frequency, Screenshots, gifs or videos) and I also had to specify on my card who was concerned (Dev, Art, Design…).

  • Test the game on each Apple platform (IPhone, IPad, IMac, IPod, AppleTV) to be sure that no bugs inherent to the platform would appear.  


This internship gave me the opportunity to improve my rigor for bug reporting but also to learn about the importance of communication between QA and all the other poles so as to help QA identify and understand bugs more easily.


Link to SunnySide Games :